What are your rates?

Every project is different. Please contact me using the form on the home page and we can discuss what you need and try to work within your budget.

Do I need special software to write a screenplay?

Not at all, you can start with paper and pen(cil) and just let the ideas flow. Having said that, there are a number of software packages out there that will take the guesswork out of what format, font or margins to use so you can just concentrate on the story. Try out a few and see what you like. Examples are Final Draft, Scrivener, CeltX, or you can even turn Microsoft Word into a screenwriting program.

Useful links for writers

The Australian Writers’ Guild is Australia’s professional writing association and represents writers for stage, screen, radio and online. Members can access model contracts and information on minimum recommended rates and terms and conditions.

The Arts Law Centre of Australia provides free or low cost specialised legal advice, education and resources to Australian artists and arts organisations, including a wide variety of agreements.

Screen Australia provides funding and resources to support the development, production and marketing of Australian screen content. Other state bodies include Film Victoria, Screen Canberra, Screen NSW, Screen Queensland, Screen Tasmania, Screen Territory, Screenwest, and the South Australian Film Corporation.